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This week had one of the largest Epic Weeklies so far, with competition from San Antonio (UA Saionide) and Houston (KH Showtime). Both out of towners were knocked into losers their first match, but both tore their way through the losers bracket to make top 8. Showtime had an exceptionally impressive run all the way to grand finals. He surprised everyone by picking commando kano and beat Korey's quan chi quite convincingly. Korey was not phased however and switched to sub, taking the next 2 games. Showtime then switched back to Sonya and managed to reset the bracket with an incredible X-ray. Although it seemed that Showtime might have what it takes to end Korey's streak, as usual Korey adapted and took out Showtime 3-1. Special thanks to Saionide and Showtime for coming out and we hope to see more out of towners at future events!

1. KoreyTheDragon (Grandmaster Sub, Summoner Quan Chi)
2. KH Showtime (Commando Kano, Covert Ops Sonya)
3. LNSP Spradling (Covert Ops Sonya, Hollywood Cassie
4. EPIC GOL BoiToi (Wrestler Jax)
5. SS Beefy (Bone Shaper Shinnok)
5. LNSP Perm (Bojitsu and Ancestral Kung Jin)
7. Greguu (Pumped Up Jax)
7. UA Saionide (Hollywood Cassie)
The 12th installment of Southern Virgnia's weekly MK tournament is officially in the books. 19 entrants total keeping with our average of about 20 entrants which is by far one of the most successful weeklies the scene has had in recent years. Coming off a 2 week win streak YAMS looked in prime form to continue his recent dominance of the area's top players. So it was, YAMS winning week #12 has been the first man to three peat That MK Weekly and moves just one away from tieing Mr Aquaman's 4 wins.
Fresh off his victory at CEO 2015, Yomi Denzell Terry rejoins his entourage at the Yomi Gaming arcade to continue his training for the grandest FGC tournament set to happen in two weeks from now: Evolution 2015. With a swarm of new faces mixed in with the regulars, we saw a total of twenty players storming the Atlanta Kombat Arena, determined to seize the crown for themselves. When YOMI Slayer (or SlayHER) actually knocked Denzell into Loser's Bracket, everyone's expectations were thrown for a loop! Would we be looking at a new champion?
Mortal Kombat X Tier List Presnted by DJT and YOMI Gaming. Discuss!

1.) Tanya (most favorable match ups)​
2.) Kung Lao (no losing match ups, best anti air, best jump attacks, etc.)
3.) Raiden (best corner carry, best corner vortex, safe 50/50s, etc.)
4.) D'Vorah (top footsies, no hurtbox on stingers, etc.)
5.) Quan Chi (best mix ups, best come back factor)
6.) Kenshi (unbreakable damage, meter gain, favorable match ups, etc.)
7.) Cassie Cage (best punisher, top footsies, etc.)
8.) Shinnok
9.) Jax
10.) Erron Black
11.) Sonya Blade
12.) Kung Jin
13.) Ermac
Tonight was the night of the new season. Seeding points were wiped clean, and we had 22 people come out to try their hand at winning GBS. It ended up with @D-Que Beats and @GGA Dizzy making it to grand finals in what would be D-Que's best outing to date nabbing 2nd place. Here were our top 8 for tonight:
Along with today's patch, the Tremor compatiblity was also added, which included the Klassic Ermac skin (which is available right now when you download the 7/2 Patch), as well as out first look at Tremor in MKX. Also, we got to see the skins that will come w/ Tremor, which are MK3 Kung Lao, MK3 Jax, and MK4 Quan Chi. With this, the rumors that Tremor will be released in Mid-July could be true. Nothing's been made official, other than Tremor is the 4th character & will come w/ a Klassic Skin Pack. But check out the pics below to see Klassic Ermac, Tremor & the 3 skins in the 2nd Klassic Skin Pack:
Within the EVO deadline, NRS has given us YET ANOTHER patch to save us from the Tanya scare! In addition to Tanya getting the nerfs she deserves, D'Vorah players no longer have to worry about 1 frame links, and the spoiled princess has been showered with even more gifts!

Check below for all the fixes:
The final weekly of ESL's North America season is over and @cR WoundCowboy emerges victorious. A well deserved accomplishment for a player that showed command of the space, footsies and a toolbox full of setups for every situation and position on the screen.
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV – 2227
  • Super Smash Bros. for Wii U – 1926
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee – 1869
  • Mortal Kombat X – 1162
  • Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- – 968
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – 816
  • Tekken 7 – 458
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – 437
  • Killer Instinct – 397
4th largest game at the largest fighting game tournament in the world, behind USF4 and both Smash games.

Hot damn! Discuss. This will make NetherRealm history as the largest Mortal Kombat tournament ever recorded. These numbers far surpass the second largest tournament turn-out, which was Mortal Kombat 9 at EVO 2011, which was over 500 entrants.

And remember! TYM has the "Bount Hunter" badge which will be awarded to any player who eliminates PerfectLegend, DJT or SonicFox from the tournament! The only player who currently has that badge is MIT.
This week at the Break we had 14 Entrants. This seemed to be another slow week at the break probably due to some people recovering from CEO. This week was a competition to see who would be the first person to win The Break Weekly for a second time. So far it has been won by a different person every week since the launch of the game. Personally my money was on either Cd Jr or Jupiter. It seems i was right on the money. We also saw the return of our resident strong man Decay. Jupiter also brings out a surprise character in grand finals.

First Place: Emperor Jupiter -Heavy Weapons Jax
Second Place: EMP|RM|KDZ -A lot of Characters
Third Place: The Steam Co|A Team|RM|CD Jr -Tempest Lao
The Final Day & the final battles of ESL's Mortal Kombat X Pro League is upon us. From the historic Fatal8 to the Pre-Season Battles, we are at the end of the what is hopefully the first but not last season of ESL's MKX Pro League. The last 2 TOp 16's conclude today with Europe first at 2pm EST/11am PST while the North American group starts at 8pm EST/5pm PST. And of course, the action will be streamed as usual, at the same link as usual, http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm Check out the brackets below:
Hey guys!

Mustard and I have been working on a series of Tutorial videos for MKX. These exist to help the casual player bridge the gap between casual and competitive. Although this obviously doesn't apply to many of you as tournament players, feel free to share the love regardless!

This thread will be updated as each new episode is live!! Stay tuned!!
Just a reminder that @evo2k '15 is about 13 hours & counting from ending registration!! Don't be left out of the SUPER BOWL of fighting game tournaments!! Register now here: http://evo.shoryuken.com/registration/ Also, Evo will be using any patches or hotfixes that roll out by July 8 via @MrWizard 's Twitter account:
This marks another week of league play at VersusGameplay arcade, and with only two weeks left to go there was bound to be some great matches. Pnut had a very impressive showing sending KoreytheDragon to losers and then finishing him off in grand finals. Shout outs to VGP Perm for getting third, his highest placing to date.

Top 8 for this tourney:
1. Pnut (War God Kotal Khan)
2. KoreytheDragon (Summoner Quan, Grandmaster Sub Zero)
3. LNSP VGP Perm (Bojutsu Kung Jin)
4. JW (Boneshaper Shinnok)
5. Zoidberg747 (Kobu Jutsu Tanya)
5. Greguu (Pumped Up Jax)
7. IceColdEdge (Noxious Reptile)
7. Whitelantern (Grandmaster Sub Zero)
Hey Everyone,

Thanks again for your continued support of the ESL MKX Pro League along with all the tournaments around the world for Mortal Kombat X. July 11th will be a big day for everyone. Make sure to grab your tickets. ESLMKX.eventbrite.com. We sold out for the Fatal 8 last time so don't delay! 16 players. Double Elimination. 30 matches.
Thanks to everyone for coming to the event! Special thanks to Quentin Ross and Jesse Baker for their help. We tried for an hour and a half to get our stream setup working with a PS4, but to no avail. Therefore, and very unfortunately, we have no video from this month's event. We are looking into solutions for July and will be testing new stream capture hardware soon!

We did not meet our goal of 36 entrants, but 27 for MKX is still a strong showing. Let's aim for more next month at the Spring Season Championships and start of the Summer Season! Look forward to a new episode of the PowerUp Podcast talking about Brutality - June 2015 and all other things MKX and FGC in the coming weeks! (Anyone in the SW Ohio/SE Indiana/NW Kentucky Area, check out The Brutality Club on Facebook by clicking HERE)

1st - MK LEGEND (Kung Lao)
2nd - Semi Evil Ryu (Grandmaster Sub-Zero)
3rd - Action Jackson (Flame Fist Liu Kang)
4th - Kenshinoyo (Pumped Up Jax)
For the past few years, Community Effort Orlando (CEO) has been one of the last and biggest stops on the Road to Evo, and this year was its most successful yet. CEO 2015 delivered enormous turnouts and top international competition for mainstays like Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee, and with roughly 290 entrants it also turned out to be the largest Mortal Kombat X tournament thus far. The MK field here included the strongest representatives from well-known teams like Yomi Gaming and Galloping Ghost Arcade, as well as numerous other heavy hitters from less-hyped scenes looking for their time to shine. This tournament also used the most recent balance update for the game, which led to some controversy since it was not even a week old. In the end, this turned out to be a weekend that shook up the balance of power in some ways and further established it in others.
Amist the hype of CEO 2015 this weekend, don't forget that the final week of ESL MKX's Pro League starts later today!! All the info you'll need for European and North American ESL players is provided below!! Good luck to ALL kombatants the world over!!
The KGA monthly happened today in Louisville, KY at Through The Decades, with 22 kombatants going at it in Round Robin fashion.

With an explosive, diverse top 8, @HarmTheHomeless came back in a nail-biter set out of losers bracket with his Dragon Naginata Tanya to reset the bracket against my husband's noxious reptile.

Top 8 was as follows:
CEO Gaming is proud to announce that WB Games and NetherRealm Studios are prize providers of the Mortal Kombat X tournament at CEO 2015 Fighting Game Championships in Orlando, FL June 26-28th with a $10,000 Pot Bonus added.


Payout Breakdown for Mortal Kombat X on PS4 at CEO2015 is as follows: (
$10,000 to be added on top of the Tournament Entree Fees)
  • 1st Place - Normal Payout + $5,000
  • 2nd Place - Normal Payout + $2,000
  • 3rd Place - Normal Payout + $1,300
  • 4th Place - Normal Payout + $700
  • 5th Place - Normal Payout + $300
  • 7th Place - Normal Payout + $200