[Mar 10, 2012] EGP: Redemption - $350 Bonus (MK9/SC5) (Upland, Ca)

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  1. Krayzie

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    With our last tournament having almost 60 entrants, players from as far as NorCal and Las Vegas and a nearly $700 cash pot, this event is not to be missed. The bonus pot is even bigger ($350) and I expect the bracket to be as well.

    Las Vegas is coming down to defend their title, and SoCal is preparing to show them who's boss! I want to see NorCal and Phoenix come down as well and compete in this amazing EGP tournament. The evolution of EGP is only growing stronger, and we hope to give everyone yet another great event. This event will be streamed over at Twitch.Tv/EpicGP


    5:00pm - Soul Calibur 5
    6:00pm - Mortal Kombat 9

    Price: $5 venue fee, $10 cash pot per game
    Setup: Asus VH236H Monitors, PS3 Consoles
    Rules: Double Elimination, Bring Your Own Controller/Fighstick (we do have a couple house MadCatz TE Fighsticks if you need one). Wireless controllers are legal.

    MK9: $350 BONUS CASH POT. Top 4 (60/25/10/5)
    SC5: Top 3 (70/20/10)


    Spectators/Casuals: Spectators are welcome. Casuals will be open (for a small fee that goes directly to the arcade) as soon as stations become available and are no longer needed for tournament. We will try to stay as late as possible for casuals. Bring an extra $1-$5.

    Venue Note: James Games is clean, well lit, spacious and in a relatively nice area. Plenty of free parking directly behind the arcade and lots of places to eat in the immediate area. This arcade is pro FGC all the way. You will find almost every game in the Street Fighter line including the "New Challengers", Third Strike and of course AE. They also have the MvC, MvC2, X-Men vs Street Fighter, KOF XIII and many more.

    Local Accommodations: http://tinyurl.com/6ryk6o8

    Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/EpicGP
    Site: http://www.EpicGamerProductions.com/
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EpicGamerProductions
    Twitter: @EGP_Compton

    Photos from previous event:

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  2. EGP_Compton

    EGP_Compton Brian Compton

    We will also raffle a copy of "Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection" to one of our competitors.

    Oh and how do you like the new epic graphic?..lol
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  3. Vegas prepared to defend our title :), hopefully norcal and arizona come to make this tourny major status.
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  4. Hitbox_Tyrant

    Hitbox_Tyrant "R.T.S.D" -Alex Valle
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    I'm taking vegas out of the tourney AND in the 5 v 5 >:)
  5. Flawedzilla

    Flawedzilla Fraudzilla

    Vegas is coming, this time it will be different in the 5 v 5. A whole new Flawedzilla is coming, and is looking to take that first place pot!
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  6. I want Denzell, I'm tired of him beating me:mad:

    Edit: on second thought, I want Flawzilla too he be whoopin my ass also:)
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  7. Krayzie

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    Bring it!
  8. GuamoKun

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    What are you guys talking about? It's time for me to take some names. Glory be to me!
  9. EGP_Compton

    EGP_Compton Brian Compton

    and so the hype begins.....
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  10. Krayzie

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    EGP will take all top 8 spots.
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  11. EGP Wonder_Chef

    EGP Wonder_Chef Official Quan Chi Nerf Demanderâ„¢

    REDemption? I wonder which EGP player "kame" up with this name?
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  12. EGP_Compton

    EGP_Compton Brian Compton

    You better get real sick on the 10th Chef! We need EGP to dominate the top 8 spots. No more all vegas GF.
  13. Son ov Timett

    Son ov Timett Bork, No Jin

    HYPE! Trying to convince another first timer to show up. Any and all people in the tri-state area who have an interest in MK need to attend these events. The last one was pretty much SoCalRegionals sans Shujinky and 16bit.
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  14. Vegas shall win again, i have another secret character that i plan to bust out and take out people :), and DJT ready to get a tourny win. This time in the 5 v 5, I'm using some1 yall nvr expect me to use.
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  15. EGP_Compton

    EGP_Compton Brian Compton

    Man these matches are going to be super hype.
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  16. XBlades

    XBlades To Achieve, You must Believe
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    IE XBlades
    if it aint jade then its no surprise....
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  17. Krayzie

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    SoCal bitches, we in there!
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  18. You guys will get a surprise, just wait and see.
  19. Flawedzilla

    Flawedzilla Fraudzilla

    Socal has no idea about the heat that we are bringing this time, last time was a taste.. and Krayzie didn't heed my warning, I didn't get that PM so now you're all in for a real treat, courtesy of Vegas! Redreaper, shout outs to you winning last time, but sorry to say, history won't repeat itself so for your sake you better hope I don't meet up with you in tourney cause i'm salty and will get revenge.
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  20. Flawedzilla

    Flawedzilla Fraudzilla

    You don't jump enough so I hate playing you lol, too patient but I am not trying to lose to you :)
  21. I want to see some of that cage.
  22. Flawedzilla

    Flawedzilla Fraudzilla

    Oh you know Cage is coming, full force!! I want to see some of that Scorp and your new character :). mmm maybe also hopefully DJT is working on that new char too :)
  23. Wemfs

    Wemfs The only morality in a cruel world is chance.

    I would hop out of my seat and do a fucking back flip if you took this tourney with Noob, Flawedzilla. Do it for all of us Noob Saibot players out there!
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  24. Denzell might come with some quan chi, kenshi, or kano :) be on the lookout. I could go jade, but i have alot of cards to play, so I'll just wait till the time comes.
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  25. SatsuiYesHadou

    SatsuiYesHadou Yung Kneecaps

    Hope Vegas comes prepared cause this time they ain't gonna win anything. ;) This time I'm not gonna have no weaknesses. Ima do this for socal and for egp!

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