Kombat Tomb Podcast - Ep. 15 with JamessMK

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    Mortal Kombat veteran JamessMK aka "Paper Legend" joins us on this episode of the KTP. We make good use of his time machine and travel back to the smoke filled arcade days of MK1 and 2. We also discuss the current scene and how much it has evolved. Plus we hear what its like working in the game industry and the effect it can have on your outlook on gaming. All this plus much more on this LONG edition of the podcast. Enjoy!

    Mp3 Version: http://www.2shared.com/audio/1xqZGn0x/KombatTombPodcast15.html
    or http://www.sendspace.com/file/frsy9w

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/kombattomb
    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kombattomb

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  2. virtiqaL

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    I think most listeners enjoy the long episodes, I'm sure I'm not the only one that enjoys listening to it while at work or on a commute, it helps to pass the time. Though, if you guys ever start aiming for a specific length, I'd say 3 hours would be perfect for this type of podcast.

    Anyway, I enjoyed this episode and listening to the stories and input from an old school MK player. Wouldn't mind hearing JamesMK on the podcast again in the future.

    Also, Vita will be starting at $250, not $350, just wanted to clear that up.
  3. smokey


    Good listen for a long monday at work, but all the VSM buttlovin is getting old, all you guys are good but the world is bigger than that one room in new york...
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  4. 1man3letters

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    fuckin yes! this should be a good listen
  5. G4S J360

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    Threres only been 2 members of vsm on the show..... There were 2 members of EU on one show as well. Everyone else is from other parts in the us. I don't understand what type of butt loving we are getting.

    Aside from that awesome show, James has stories for years and is super interesting as well. I think he kept confusing my cyblax with riu48. He doesn't even play him lol
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  6. smokey


    I think you misunderstood what i mean, i wouldnt mind listening to anyone, you could have the whole VSM roster on week after week and i know every week would be a good listen, what i mean is that theres a mentality that VSM are the best at MK9, and i dont doubt any skills that you all have, i just think that people are ignorant to the rest of the world.

    10 out of the top 20 and 5 of the top 7 are from VSM was the statement im criticising here, i dont doubt a few of VSM are up there, but thats a big overlook of the rest of the planet....
  7. G4S J360

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    I agree with the whole top 20 thing. But you can't blame the guy, he's from vsm. Wouldnt you would feel that way about your scenes top players as well?

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  8. gamemk

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    hearing jamessmk talk about mk history was fantastic! i had to stop the podcast just to post this. the point where no one knew about fatalities (and no internet existed) was such a special time. now we get everything--not just mk related--given to us. there's just something fun about little secrets. i like to classify people as pre-internet and post internet. it's like the times of pre-lightbult, pre-telephone,pre-radio and pre-tv. i'm pre-internet and although i love the internet, there was something special about pre-internet times. lol. anyway, back to the podcast.
  9. GGA 16 Bit

    GGA 16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws

    Those guys have earned the right to pump themselves up. Doesn't mean we have to stand for it, that's why Slips and I have challenged and intend to defeat them at Final Round. The other scenes in the US feel the same way.

    As for the rest of the world, you guys have to stop being offended by this. We cannot be expected to always add a caveat about other players in the world that don't travel to play us. World players need to be preparing for Evo now. If a group of top players can't come then do a fund raising tournament and send one representative. If Chile can send a rep to Evo so can the other countries. Evo is your shot. I don't want to hear any more about this if top world players don't show up to Evo.
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  10. smokey


    I dont think that my scenes top players are the best in the world because they havent played any of your represented top players in a setting that would actually matter.

    So neither should you.
  11. Gooch Peencher

    Gooch Peencher GT: Rabidus Unicorn

    Kiss of death. I was 4, and I showed everyone, including my mom and her friends. I thought I was such a badass because I knew how to accidently do it. No better feeling in world then discovering something in the game by yourself, no matter what age.

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  12. G4S J360

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    Like I said there's nothing wrong with pumping up your own people. And to be honest the rest of the world doesn't exist to James, when he mentions top 20 hes reffering to players in the us tournament scene, there's no international competition in the us so it wouldn't matter to him. We won't include you guys at all in these lists because we haven't played you, so don't expect for us to include international players in the list if they do not compete with the us and vice versa. When evolution comes I'm sure the lists will look different, until then stop being offended by a list that doesn't even pertain to other countries.

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  13. smokey


    Im 19 years old theres probably not going to be a chance for me to go to the USA for a while, evo is out of my league. Theres like £400-500 a month from my paycheque that i actually see, so if evo is in 5 months and going to cost me around £1500-2000 that is like £400 saved a month, leaving me £100 to live on each month. Great, thats just what i spend 40 hours a week working for.

    I know that ketchup mustard and foxy, the names that you guys always come up with for the uk's top players, are all the same age as me, dont have full time jobs, and are all studying at university, so being realistic its a BIG commitment just to play a video game and prove a point.

    Coming to EVO would be amazing, but i dont think that anyone who cant go is doing it just to spite you, and neither is anyone going to put out an unrealistic amount of money to please you. I decided that evo is out of the question for me, as i cant justify living on minimals for half the year for a weekend in vegas, so i wont be attending.

    Anyone who cant understand that should get their priorities sorted out, and perhaps put yourself in my position. If i could afford it then i would go, but i cant.
  14. smokey


    Im not offended in any way, i just get bored of seeing the whole VSM vs Everyone thing, you cant seriously think that theres nobody else who plays the game that has developed and plays better than you guys? All of you guys put each other at the top of your lists, and the challenges to other people. I just think that from an outsiders point of view that VSM come across as a closed group of people who are very ignorant of people outside their own community.
  15. G4S J360

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    Once again if you don't compete realistically we can't gauge your placing. You don't have to come out, we are not forcing you. I understand people have priorities as well as I. If you notice I don't enter many majors because I have other obligations. Do I think that I'm better than most on the top 20? Yes. Do I get upset that they don't consider my placing? No because I do not compete in the tournaments that matter as much. Now remember I only talk good of the EU and i have alot of respect for its players. And I'm sure that they would do good if they competed. But they cannot be included in a ranking gauged by us tournament placement if they don't compete in a us tournament, or vice versa. If you do not compete then how can we gauge player skill against everyone else?

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  16. smokey


    I dont know if the point i was trying to make has come across properly. I dont disagree with anything you are saying, i know why people arent putting european players up top with the us players, but what bothers me is that the VSM players consider THEMSELVES the top players of this game even in the usa alone, and thats a very close minded attitude to have in my personal opinion.
  17. GGA 16 Bit

    GGA 16 Bit Mash d+1~Cat Claws

    I have put in a ridiculous amount of commitment and dedication to earn my spot as a top player. I understand what I'm asking of these players.
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  18. UsedForGlue

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    Probably one of the best Podcasts yet. JamessMK was great to listen to. The rest of the guys are excellent at listening.
  19. Tavaski

    Tavaski Get tough, or die

    I'll listen to 16 and james all day
  20. G4S J360

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    Why wouldnt we root for our own people? who are more than likely friends outside of the game as well? If this is wrong then give me your honest opinions on who you would think would win in these matchups.

    Foxy vs CD JR
    Mustard vs CD
    Ketchup vs Maxter
    Usedforglue Vs reo
    OmegaK Vs Riu48
    Metzos vs Kt Smith

    If the first five arent your own people winning the matchups then i would quite honestly be surprised. I think they are Even matchups all the way, but at the end of the day im rooting ALL THE WAY for my camp. We definitly dont think that we are leagues ahead of everyone, but we think we are great players, why is that bad? How is that ignorant? Detroit blew us all up and we pay homage to the guy, morty eliminated most of our players and we pay homage to the guy. We know we are good but we definitly dont think we are unbeatable.

    Im part of VSM and ill just let it be known that we are constantly figuring out ways on how to beat other players and what to look for, meaning that we see everyone as threats. If anyone talks about VSM its more the rest of the US then ourselves. We know everyone is competition and we strive to play our best to make sure we can put on a good show for everyone watching. We are FAR from unbeatable which has been proven time and time again, if we had an ego before it cant possibly exist after all of our losses.
  21. smokey


    A lot of us are just starting out. In 20 years if i am still passionate about playing these games then i would be in a better position to commit. I've been "on the scene" since this game game out, which isnt long.
  22. smokey


    What do i have to base this on, they would be amazing matches and by all means i would be rooting for my guys, but that doesnt mean i consider them the best in the world. . Il leave it because this is pointless and i dont mean to stir up any trouble (and im having trouble putting across my point too) but it bothers me that like you said VSM arent unbeatable, and its been proved, so why is there such a big mentality that if you arent VSM you may as well just go home.
  23. jamessmk

    jamessmk Paper Legend ?

    While down here in Ecuador, I got a chance to check this out. While I may have overstated the numbers, I have not distorted the answer. While VSM has become known as with the Yankees or for EU Manchester United or Real Madrid. VSM wins! Point is VSM win quite consistently. All above teams may not win every event or every game, but those numbers are there. But it is the offline scene that has spawn from MK that I boast of.
  24. smokey


    Theres more MK offline scenes popping up all over the world, hopefully some day we can all meet up and play in a setting that isnt going to cost so much money (Evo :'( )
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  25. GOL Eklectic

    GOL Eklectic GOL will be victorious!

    16 bit if you're asking me which event I would personally rather win at this point in time, I'd have to say evo. But if we had the ball rolling with MLG and all the top players were showing up to each tournament, id have to say 10-20k in my pocket with the fact that I beat all the best players, added to the fact that it's the "major league" i think I'd have a better feeling with that. no one is playing this game for money at this point, my point in that thread was it is a huge oppurtunity for the community. And if we don't take advantage of it we will never know what would have came out of it. That's just my opinion. I do love this community and I love mk9 so I just wanna see it flourish.
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