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As long as you guys don't stop playing Injustice, it wont die. Jan 23, 2015

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    1. Mr. Mileena
      Mr. Mileena
      14% combos of an Air to air jp ftw :)
    2. Mr. Mileena
      Mr. Mileena
      Ahhhh, i'm gonna try hard with Jade, but now that mk9 is announced for EVO, of course Kitana will be my main. I dropped Mileena but i need to pick her back up.

      and i want to learn another. I'm doing well with Jade, but we will see. im using jade at final round, so we will see how that goes
    3. rpg
      Wheres jade i havent seen her in a while.
    4. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      They just lost to Sacramento. They're 0:2 now.

    5. General M2Dave
      General M2Dave
      How about the Lakers? They were supposed to get Chris Paul, but Stern being the piece of shit that he is rejected the trade. Then they give up Odom for nothing? I don't get it. Do you think they have what it takes to win it all this year? I'm skeptical.
    6. Tom Brady
      Tom Brady
      when is west coast warzone?
    7. Tom Brady
      Tom Brady
      lol my bad bone.. you know damn well i was cheering for you. i try to post as little as possible, the 16 bit thing is the only reason why i broke my silence. good shit bro..
    8. Mosp
      Yes I am.
    9. Crawlingshadow
      Hey I am AU_BRICE_IS_RITE from team AU! i have the most Active Mortal Kombat stream on the internet i stream MK9 basically every day at some point during the day, I would like to see if there is a way of placing my stream along side the other streams on TYM thank your for your time please i really feel that my stream will greatly help out the MK9 community here is my stream
    10. R.E.O.
      Ight. I'll pick it up at this weeks VSM.
    11. R.E.O.
      Naw, I already was handed a dress at NEC. I'm gonna use it as a blanket on the plane.
    12. R.E.O.
      No problem. I'll be wearing it.
    13. R.E.O.
      I didn't get anything. But I'll talk to him the next time I see him and bring it with me to SCR.
    14. Konqrr
      Nope, but you will get the chance to get your revenge on Vegeta as he will be there. There may be a tourney in my future soon though.
    15. Darkhood88
      I wont be able to due to my back, but a bunch of the guys from the local scene are going down.
    16. Darkhood88
    17. Darkhood88
      Hey man do you think you could round up some socal guys to come up to Cal poly Jan 13 - 16? Throwing a tournament there and Just waiting on confirmation but we might be having quite a few Nocal coming down to play mk. If you guys came down it would make this tourny mad hype and get some more of our local guys out of the woodworks
    18. VOR
      Thanks man really appreciate it. See you next week. I'll be sure say what's up. if you see a tall white guy with shoulder length hair and a goatee that's me i sort of look like a west coast pig of the hut lol.
    19. VOR
      just wanted to know if there's a way to change my name on here. vestmentofruin is too much of a mouthful and people will probably say it wrong. i signed up for scr as "VOR" just to abbreviate what i already had and that's what i'd like to go by if possible. defintely looking forward to scr, at least 4 of us are coming from nor-cal. nice job taking 9th at nec too.
    20. scarsunseen
      hey i'd really like to play against your Cyrax. i main him too. if you have MK on PSN, i'm ScarsUnseen. May the Yellow be with you.
    21. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      Where you at dude? Philly? I'm having my coffee and trying to face another day lol Did everything go according to plan?
    22. Euphoric
      Who did your Sig? I think it's the best Sig I've ever seen. I like the text, the dark shading, and the faded Ermac. I want one!
    23. CY MasterHavik
      CY MasterHavik
      thanks for the love in the troll thread man.
    24. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      ok cool i didnt know you could help but if u still have some pull that's what's up man. I was just letting off steam and I wanted to share my experience with others since I see there have been some people apparently (for an unknown reason) slagging off TYM and preferring MKU, which is ass-backwards, IMO. When I am at TYM, I can always expect to be treated like a human being, which is why I had no questions why my thread wasn't commented support and no comment is a HELL of a lot better than no support, disrespectful, belittling comments. Good to see you guys are still the PROFESSIONALS and have the real kommunity's attention. I'd like to see you at NECXII, so if your plane ticket is short the $40 I need and I end up getting it, i will just give you the $40 and try to figure out my own way to get there, cuz I'd like to hang out with you again....idk how but it's easier that way and I have a better chance of figuring something since I am close. I was hoping you'd make it again
    25. AREZ God of War
      AREZ God of War
      I made a thread but STORMS closed it so I tried contacting MKU Admin (like it will actually matter) and so here I am back at TYM like "Yea, it was my fault for going back to mKU in the 1st place anyway".....LOL I should have known better, Glend...this is where I belong....with the real kommunity and the people who back up their claim to being top players.
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