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well in my mind i say johnny low tier hahahah Aug 17, 2015

    1. scarsunseen
      ggs yesterday
    2. Evil_Riu48
      well in my mind i say johnny low tier hahahah
      1. GNG Iniquity
        GNG Iniquity
        His whiff BS is admittedly holding him back. NRS fixing this is uh...unlikely though.
        Aug 17, 2015
    3. Derptile
      How does it make you feel when people say Johnny Cage is Low mid tier?
    4. Evil_Riu48
      @GamerBlake90 do not listen to people use her if you still like her ...trust me people will always beach ..they will beach about noob soon 2
    5. YOMI RM JagoBlake
      YOMI RM JagoBlake
      Saw your post in that locked thread.

      Reluctantly, I dropped her. :( I really miss playing as her, though. Just tired of the Sonya hate or I'd stick to her.
      1. Evil_Riu48
        i am using noob because i been using sonya for to long and it is starting to feel old
        Mar 6, 2013
      2. YOMI RM JagoBlake
        YOMI RM JagoBlake
        Noob Saibot's an excellent character to mess around with. I mained him at one point.
        Mar 6, 2013
    6. Evil_Riu48
      i work saturday so i ll be there saturday night and sunday . . . are you coming to nec?
    7. Evil_Riu48
      gamerblake even when i do not think i would be playing in the NEC tourney because i have to work saturday i ll be going to nec for casuals
      1. GamerBlake90 likes this.
      2. YOMI RM JagoBlake
        YOMI RM JagoBlake
        Awesome to hear! Would be a pleasure to meet you.
        Nov 10, 2012
    8. YOMI RM JagoBlake
      YOMI RM JagoBlake
      You coming out of retirement, sir? I wanna get a piece of that Sonya. :D
    9. garik16
      Dude, why does it seem at times in certain matchups (Cage v Curbo, Sub v Denzel) you're afraid to go for the EX Cartwheel? Sonya has such trouble in those matchups when kept out/caught in the frame traps that you HAVE to bite the bullet and go for it. If you lose breaker opportunities, it's a worthwhile tradeoff because when you hti you do 30% damage, and against sub zero, you end up IN!
      1. garik16
        Cmon man, you can win these tournies. You're the best sonya out there. Just pull the trigger.
        Jun 10, 2012
    10. garik16
      I love that they actually got your name changed
    11. Evil_Riu48
      last time i checked foxy was the best in europe usedforglue or was i wrong?
    12. 1man3letters
      mad probs for MLG man, awesome stuff!
    13. Evil_Riu48
      sup mkf done !
    14. MKF30
    15. 1man3letters
      good stuff repping that raka at the character auction, would of been awesome if ya got that win over bradys radien with him
    16. Evil_Riu48
      i know you can do it dancock just put your head in the game and stop thinking you are bad player because we both know that is not truth
    17. Evil_Riu48
      wolcome to TYM
    18. 1man3letters
      hey man,
      thanks alot for the the baraka frame data! :top:
    19. Bravo Moe
      Bravo Moe
      Sup man .. Just a question .. I noticed that Baraka chop chop has become some what useless (or less effective) from anti air due to hitbox problem now as compared to before the patch .. Do you have an idea ?
    20. Evil_Riu48
      hey scarsun it is nice to hear from you
      i do have a playstation but i really don't like to play on psn the lag change the game 2 much you can not even get a AA because of the delay but sent me an friend R i do a few matches just with you
    21. scarsunseen
      Hey! I think you're the guy who beat me at Local Battles in Jersey. I'm the girl who used Cyrax against your Sonya. I'd totally like to play against you on PSN. I like a good challenge. My PSN name is ScarsUnseen.
    22. Check
      Thanks for coming out Riu. It was nice to hear you all night constantly give credit to how nice Local Battles is. No question we'll be seeing you again. Please come every week dude. Thanks again.
    23. Evil_Riu48
      yea i think i can do it this week on wed but you were right man this demo does not play very good the the block stun really sux
    24. Check
      You down this week?
      Loco, tu tienes facebook?
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    my favorite game is mk . . . i like mk because there is so many characters i like that is hard to pick my all time favorite when it comes to male charactes because for female charaters sonya has always been my girl. . . for mk9 i pick johnny cage because lol he is funny