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With another 25+ entries for an upstart weekly, the third entry into the saga of a South Florida spotlight comes to an end with a certain, often talked about, royally elegant princess reigning over the competition! After being reset in Grand Finals for the second week in a row, Kitana Prime is able to clutch in out in a heart-wrenching, down to wire 3-2 set over Grimtg's Johnny Cage who pulled so hype clutch victories while displaying great spacing and patience, dealing with a massive fan barrage and somehow maintaing composure. Links to the action below!
For the second week in a row, KIT @FOREVER KING conquers Atlanta and pillages the loot! We from the Yomi Gaming lounge would like to congratulate this warrior for his victory in a hard-fought Grand Finals with Hitbox Tyrant! Similar to last week, a $1,000 pot bonus was at stake, and that prize has been claimed by the glorious king.
East Coast Throwdown is back again in 2015, and for the first time ever at a Major fighting game community event in the NorthEast, Mortal Kombat will be the headline game. With a Pot Bonus of $1500, and taking place in the NE, this MKX tourney is sure to be one of the biggest to date.
This Week The Break Weekly was more filled than ever. Although the challonge Bracket says 34 we actually had 30 people enter MKX this week. The game is off to a strong start and this week we had some killers. CD Jr makes his return once again and we are also joined by Tom Brady sporting a new sponsor in VGP. This week had some crazy matches so make sure to tune in every week to see the matches live!
REMINDER! Today is the last of the Pre-Season Cup's for the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League. All the information needed is below, taken from HERE. Good luck to everyone!!

Start time:
Tomorrow, 29 Apr 2015 20:00 EDT
Check in time: Tomorrow, 29 Apr 2015 19:00 EDT
Late sign up: Tomorrow, 29 Apr 2015 19:30 EDT
There is a lot of discussion going on about how patches ruin NRS games and anyone who even thinks about discussing patches should be tarred and feathered and ostracized from the TYM community. I would like to give some ammunition to people on this sight that feel like they are not allowed to discuss MKX balance for fear of being called a "complainer" or even worse. Please discuss this game, talk about it, wonder out loud if you think something is overpowered or underpowered. In fact that is what this sight is supposed to be about, the open discussion of things, not people telling you "you shouldn't talk about this or that".

I would like to back my claim up with evidence. Let us please examine Injustice's patches. Awhile ago Slips got into an argument with MIT about whether patches were good for Injustice or bad. Slips then challenged MIT to go back and look at Injustice patches to see if they were an overall positive, or overall negative to Injustice. MIT is super busy in...
Over this past weekend, High Voltage Software released a patch for the PC port of Mortal Kombat X, and took to their Facebook page to alert MKX PC players about it. HVS is continuing to work on making the game work perfectly and get more patches out ASAP.

1st | Blind Ducky (D'Vorah)
2nd | Malarkey (Kung Jin)
3rd | AR | 8A | CV | Dab Jr (Kung Jin, Quan Chi)
4th | TWSTD | ThaTrueNinja (Scorpion)
5th | Stryker Uereka (Scorpion)
5th | Marvelous (Cassie Cage)
7th | SNKE (Johnny Cage)
7th | RPG (Reptile)
Was awesome seeing the old crew back together again! We sincerity apologize for the stream issues, when the power outage hit it destroyed one of our stream boxes. We managed to grab another box and got a zombified version of it operational again after some component transplants. Regardless, we had a blast and we hope you all did too! Watching Sid come out of losers and reset the bracket after a 3-2 set was amazing! Not quite enough to take it from the indomitable CD Jr, but
Multiple people are reporting (and taking screenshots) of Tanya being redesigned in MKX. Apparently, on the main menu, when it cycles through the up-coming DLC characters, you can catch a glimpse of Tanya's new looks.

Above is a screenshot that someone took. As you can see, she has longer hair, darker skin, and has white eyes. Overall, she looks much better (looks more like she did
I am elated to announce a new bi-weekly series by Epic Gamer Productions featuring Mortal Kombat X!

We secured a super legit venue where we will be introducing a new twist on the conventional “ranbat” format that not only rewards players for high placement but also just for showing up and competing. This will be a 4 tournament series held every other Sunday in Laguna Hills, Ca (Irvine).

1.1 – May 17th (Season Opener)
1.2 – May 31st
1.3 – June 14th
1.4 – June 28th (Season Finale)

Registration: At the door. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.

Time: 3:00pm

Location: Oomba Tournament Center
24155 Laguna Hills Mall Laguna Hills, CA 92653

Located inside the Laguna Hills Mall on the South East end. Directly off the 5 freeway and El Toro Road in Irvine. Plenty of free...
Everyone make sure to tune in tonight for another $1000 MKx Tournament in Atlanta Ga at YOMI Gaming. Tyrant makes his way west to battle Ohio and NorCal Greats @FOREVER KING and @michaelangelo as well as the entire Atlanta Crew

When: tonight 7pm est

Where: YOMI Gaming (google for address)

Stream: twitch.tv/yomi_gaming

Please tune in tonight for what could possibly be A real treat for Jax fans
The first edition of Atlanta's renewed Battle n' Brew series is live now! Battle n' Brew has been a home for a long list of exciting matches and tournaments for both MK9 and Injustice. With a new venue, the tournament is back bigger and better than ever.

Watch Pig of the Hut, Michaelangelo, ForeverKing, SaltFace, Smarrgasm and the entire crew go it it:
Hey all, here's a vid I just put up explaining three different but related types of option selects:
The Phenom strikes again! Sonic Fox continues his dominance of MKX with yet another ESL victory! This time he met PNUT's Kotal Kahn in Grand Finals and took the set 2-0 in a close final game. You can check out the brackets & match vids here:
Below is a message from our friend @Marcus on behalf of the Mortal Kombat scene in the Phillippines!

"Hey TYM,

Good Day all the way from Manila, Philippines!

Sharing with you videos and some photos of what went down during Imperium e-Sports bar and Video Game Lounge's First Mortal Kombat X Tournament. The tournament was held last April 18,2015.
Hope you can post this to let everyone know that the Philippine community is alive
Following the resounding success from Yomi Gaming's debut tournament last week, we return to the stage this Tuesday for another round of Mortal Kombat X, hosted on the Playstation 4!

Those of you who reside in the Atlanta area, or are willing to endure hours of travel just for this occasion, will be pleased to know that Yomi Gaming has a $1,000 pot bonus on the line for MKX, for the second week in a row. Additionally, we feature games such as Tekken Tag 2 (Playstation 3), Injustice: Gods Among Us (Xbox 360), and Killer Instinct (Xbox One) to widen our variety of fun!

The address to take note of is:
I am thrilled to congratulate Wonder Chef, your 2015 MKX Northwest Majors champion!

Presented by Beast of the East and Ingram Micro in cooperation with Xmashed Gear, CouchWarriors, St. Games, and Imperium e-Sports Bar and Gaming Lounge.

Qualifier locations
  • Manila, Philippines
    • Date: May 9, 2015
    • Location: Imperium e-Sports Bar and Gaming Lounge
  • Singapore
    • Date: May 16, 2015
    • Location: St. Games Cafe
  • Melbourne, Australia
    • Date: May 22 to 25, 2015
    • Location: Battle Arena Melbourne 7, CQ Functions, 113 Queen’s St. Melbourne.
  • Bangkok, Thailand
    • Date: June 20, 2015
    • Location: South East Asia Major 2015, The Connection Seminar Center, Bangkok
Fatal 4 Finals to be held on June 21, 2015 as part of...
The Tampa Bay area had it's first of amny ranbat tourneys last night. Here are the results!

1st: @RM I$AAC (Cyber, Commando Kano)
2nd: @AoK Ryan (Kuatan Warrior Goro)
3rd: Yum Ba Con (Bone Shaper Shinnok)
4th: Kabuki Jo (Tempest Kung Lao)
5th: Jacob (inferno scorp) and Josh Pardo (heavy weapons Jax)
7th: C.K. (Brawler Cassie) and Omar (Ferra/Torr)
9th: Hellafail, John L., and Sergio (not sure who they used)

@RM JagoBlake some love please!