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This was one of the biggest tournaments were held in Chile and 5 dates in which many players participated. The finals were in front of thousands of people and the event was supported by Xboxone and ETCCHILE organizer.

1° WLK Joa (SubZero - GrandMaster).
2° Ckai Wnqlo (Quanchi - Sorceror - Liu Kang - Dragon's Fire).
3° Ckai Washincitz (Erron Black - Outlawz - Kung Jin - Bojutsu).
4° Sicario (Reptile - Nimble - Kenshi - Balanced)
5° ETC Mcfly (Kung Lao - Tempest)
6° Eternal (Quan Chi - Summoner)
7° ETC Ronsvain (Shinnok - Impostor)
8° Bujy (Kung Jin - Bojutsu)
Interesting/recommended corner combos of varying difficulty to try on versus gameplay. Exhibition of all characters starting with the opponent on the ground. So no antiair, no punishers etc. Also well know H.Smoke/Ermac combos were ignored to not bore. :) Enjoy!
Presenting the first YUZU tournament that took place on september 26 in France. The event challonge can be found here : http://challonge.com/fr/yuzucu This was an exhibition event so no public registration has taken place. The tourney was designed to be a 32 players double elimination bracket without Pools, taking place on Saturday 26th of September starting at 11:00 AM CEST. The matches was in Bo3 format with top 8 winners being in Bo5 format.
Thank you to everyone for attending! We had some intense competition, and the players all had a great time. The stream was going strong with content, but unfortunately the videos got corrupted again. I am pretty sure I know what happened, and will not be making the same mistake again.

FINAL EDIT 28-09-2015

With a GREAT turnout of 29 players, mostly OG, some MKX crew and some passerbyes, UMK3 received its "Happy Birthday Present". Despite some lag present due to the dual display employed to give a better view to the spectators, we had a blast of a night! Some notable (and MAD HYPE) pools and QF/SF were recorded, and the entire Top 4 as well. All of them via live recording (not direct feed) and the crowd can be heard very well and loud.

MKT n64 got a decent turnout with 17 players as well.

Full results:
Hello all this is Jay here (Jason Moore aka “Ban The Testers" on Twitter) again. Some of you TYM folk might know me as a tournament commentator for such events as Texas Showdown to the Insomnia Weeklies and for channels such as Kombat Houston for @Cat , and Panda X Gaming!

I’m Here to bring something a little new to TYM to show my love for MK and its community with an article series I have Dubbed “ Mortal Kombat Media Mondays” (working title) which will explore Mortal Kombat through popular culture such as Movies, TV shows, and Music (I assume it’s the theater student in me)! Now let’s meter burn this thing and get cracking (I am soooooo sorry about that one…)!
Yesterday in Toronto Mortal Clash VI went down at a bar called the Duke of Kent. Toronto's best came out once again to showcase their talent. @xGunShow had been practicing his Gunslinger Erron Black hoping to break @HoneyBee's win streak. @Death had also switched from Sonya to Johnny and was hoping to make a wave in the tournament. Up and comer Sacky who had just pushed HoneyBee to his limits in the last Monday local was looking for his first tournament win.

These are the results:
Absolute Battle has concluded with Scar showing his versatility by taking the tournament with all 3 of Sonya's variations in winners! Alucard was sent to losers by an impressive Korey The Dragon, and he ran it back to make his way to Grand Finals, but came up a little short in a close 3-2 set. The bracket, full results, and archives are below!

1. UA|Scar (Sonya-All 3 Variations)
2. F3|Alucard (Sun God Kotal Kahn, Crystalline Tremor)
3. SUNB|KoreyTheDragon (Summoner Quan Chi, Grandmaster Sub-Zero)
4. UA|Showtime (Covert Ops Sonya, Cybernetic Kano)
5. oD|Atai (Royal Storm and Mournful Kitana)
5. Lord Pnut (War God Kotal Kahn)
7. UA|Royale (Boneshaper Shinnok, Cybernetic Kano)
7. SteamCo|CdJr (Pumped Up Jax)

Bracket: http://challonge.com/AB6MKXT8

Archive: http://www.twitch.tv/pandaxgaming/v/18054999

MKX starts at the 2 hour 5 minute mark.
The tournament started with Dizzy running late, but it was ok because we won his bye match 2-0. Dizzy then preceded to get absolutely crushed 2-0 by Regular Marcus! Marcus did a wonderful job of not getting cornered by Dizzy and won easily. Then Dizzy showed up to the tournament.

So Dizzy had to fight his way through losers at the very beginning of the tournament, and he made it all the way to win the whole thing! Also props to Big Marcus' Quan Chi. He is coming along nicely with this game and will only get better.
Hey all! This past saturday, the 26th of September, I hosted the very first MKX tournament in Germany. We had international presence and a mixed top 5. But @Madzin took it very convincingly, coming all the way from losers to reset the bracket 3-0 and taking it again 3-0 in the next set over AT | Lucky0346

1. PND Madzin (Sub Zero - Grandmaster) (Kotal Kahn - Blood)
2. AT | Lucky0346 (Sub Zero - Grandmaster)
3. LLL Taco (Sub Zero - Grandmaster) (Kung Lao - Buzz Saw)
4. RyuKazuya (Johnny Cage - A-List) (Liu Kang - Flame fist)
5. Mitsuownes (Scorpion - Inferno)
5. AT | nindo (Quan Chi - Summoner/Sorcerer)
Unsolved Mysteries of MKX: Fake Patch Changes

Note: This thread is about unsolved mysteries. What you are about to read is not a news bulletin.

Imagine if you will a scenario: it’s mid afternoon, and Netherrealm Studios has just released a new balance patch for Mortal Kombat X. You rush to TestYourMight.com, eagerly awaiting the annotated notes for each character that outline the changes, and already the talk is exploding throught the forum. Did a move get more disadvantage on block? Was there a change to the range of another move? Which character has been nerfed the hardest?

It’s an exciting time for all the players, but there is a disturbing trend that Unsolved Mysteries has recently uncovered: posters distorting or otherwise fabricating changes that happened to their character. Unfortunately, with the presence of changes that may not be listed in any official correspondence, these rumors can spread like wildfire and often become a legitimate talking point in the post patch discussion. Unsolved Mysteries can not, and will not abide the spread of misinformation.
The 10th and final installment of our Ranbat series came to a close tonight in exciting fashion. It came down to 2 men in the end in points and in this tournament. An old fashioned shootout between the 2 most accomplished players from the area. Gimpy vs Mr Aquaman.
MKX Top 8 is set to run tommorow at 2pm CST (3pm EST/12noon PST) only on www.twitch.tv/pandaxgaming

Top 8 Winners

SUNB KoreyTheDragon (Summoner Quan Chi)
F3 Alucard (Sun God Kotal Kahn)
Atai (Royal Storm Kitana)
UA Scar (Covert Ops Sonya)

Top 8 Losers

UA Royale (Boneshaper Shinnok, Cybernetic Kano)
UA Showtime (Covert Ops Sonya)
Lord Pnut (War God Kotal Kahn)
SteamCo CdJr (Pumped Up Jax)
Summer Season 2015 continues! This is Meet 3 of Summer Season, and the last chance to earn points for an invitation to the Summer Championship in October!

September 26th, 7pm - 12am

$5 - All Night Entry to Arcade Legacy
662 Cincinnati Mills Drive, Cincinnati, OH

MKX - PS4 - $5 Entry
KI - XBONE - $5 Entry
OzHadou Nationals 13 (OHN13) took place in Sydney Australia on the 11th -13th of September 2015. Arnold Desu, one of Australia's strongest Marvel players, decided to borrow a console a month prior to the tournament and practice Mortal Kombat. With Kitana as his chosen Kombatant, Arnold was able to make it all the way to the grand finals and defeat Googiemona in a very close set! The tournament also featured a first to 10 money match between x5_baxter and Gilbagz which also was super hype.
We at Yomi Gaming walked away from TFC 2015 with the fondest of recollections etched into our minds, and so we would like to share them with you as well. Check out these interviews with the MKX top three placers from Team Yomi, as well as a quick compilation of our favorite memories from the overall crew.

After you give 'em a watch, post in the comments telling us what your favorite TFC moments were!
One of the best players in the WORLD, A F0xy Grampa is attending SoCal Regionals!!! Blow it up and show your support and add to the hype of the $10k Pot Bonus tournament coming soon! "Flight booked and registered for SoCal Regionals, see you all there, ready to rep PXP!" - @A F0xy Grampa

Check out the event thread for SoCal Regionals 2015 here: http://testyourmight.com/threads/socal-regionals-2015-mkx-10k-oct-9-11-ontario-ca.55745/
Tuesday the 22nd was the second week of Glasgow's weekly brackets and we decided to bring the hype with all matches being contested with the same character - Goro! We even had two new faces turn up in Shoddyplum and TYM's own @Rearawt ! Here's hoping to see more new faces :D

Top 3 for this week are:
1st. Youphemism (Kuatan Warrior Goro)
2nd. Nausea (Dragon Fangs Goro)
3rd. Bigfool (Kuatan Warrior Goro)
Before anything else, congratulations to the top 8 for MKX at the Fall Classic. You all have astounded us.

Of all the matches we've witnessed, in my humble opinion, this one deserves its own thread. If you watched the stream or were at the event in person, you already know why.

To those who missed it, you're welcome.

It's always a pleasure to watch players overcome their personal demons and strive for better. When you finally get to that summit, the euphoria you'll experience is one that's too great for mere words to describe. Just ask these guys showcased in the video below. :)
When: 9.27.15

Where: http://www.twitch.tv/streamofthehut

Systems: ps4 for tourney then xbox for later casuals and exhibitions after tourney

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There will be many exciting events happening on Red Hot Sundays this Sunday at 8:30pm est so let's look at each: