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CEO Gaming is proud to announce that WB Games and NetherRealm Studios are prize providers of the Mortal Kombat X tournament at CEO 2015 Fighting Game Championships in Orlando, FL June 26-28th with a $10,000 Pot Bonus added.


Payout Breakdown for Mortal Kombat X on PS4 at CEO2015 is as follows: (
$10,000 to be added on top of the Tournament Entree Fees)
  • 1st Place - Normal Payout + $5,000
  • 2nd Place - Normal Payout + $2,000
  • 3rd Place - Normal Payout + $1,300
  • 4th Place - Normal Payout + $700
  • 5th Place - Normal Payout + $300
  • 7th Place - Normal Payout + $200
Shocking, right? This week saw plenty of new faces with players Pnut and Rexywrecks returning to EGL, who would both end up getting top 3. Pnut would even end up sending Korey to the losers bracket. But, in typical champion fashion, Korey won the runback with Pnut, barely reset the bracket against Rexywrecks 3-2, then took the last set 3-1. Congratulations to all the placers and we hope to see even more new faces next week!

1. KoreytheDragon (Summoner and Sorceror Quan, Grandmaster Sub Zero)
2. C88 RexyWrecks (Tempest Kung Lao)
3. Pnut (War God Kotal Khan)
4. GnarlyGatoAlex (War God Kotal Khan)
5. Zoidberg747 (Kobu Jutsu Tanya)
5. LNSP Spradling (Cassie Cage, Summoner Quan)
7. Greguu (Bojitsu Kung Jin, Pumped Up Jax)
7. GOTS Ebola (Full Auto Jacqui Briggs, Bojitsu Kung Jin, Pyromancer Tanya)
As some of you may know, our petition has been circulating Twitter and Mortal Kombat fan sites. Our petition is not for a character, or some other type of inclusion into MKX, but for this book to be created. I have reached out to Shawn Kittlesen, who has since tweeted about his interest in this project. We have reached 3000, but I'd like to get this more exposure.

What this book is, or will be is a hardcover encyclopedia type book. Think the Marvel and DC Encyclopedias. It would go in depth about every character in the Mortal Kombat universe, their iterations, history, changes, etc. It would also cover the places/stages/memorable moments within the timeline. I have included in the petition that this book should indeed cover both time lines, along with background on different races, species, whatnot. This type of book would probably require some time, however, MK's 25th anniversary is coming up, and this would be an essential collector's item.

I believe that TYM is a pretty big...
Klass this week involved the Brood Mother herself, D'Vorah!! Check out the video, which goes over her three variations, which are Swarm Queen, Venomous & of course, Brood Mother. Check it out below!!
It was an 8 man round robin tournament and it actually came down to the last fight to determine the winner. The last fight of the night was @GGA Dizzy vs. @GGA pimpimjim. If Dizzy won he would win the tournament, if he lost @GGA 16 Bit would take it. Here are the places for our first season.

1st Place: GGA Dizzy Thunder God Raiden. He had 6 wins and 1 loss. He lost to GGA N1k0lasss who played absolutely amazing that set. Dizzy did not even win 1 round that set.

2nd Place: GGA 16bit Royal Storm Kitana. 16 bit also had 6 wins and 1 loss, but since his loss was to Dizzy, Dizzy ended up winning the tournament. He tore through the rest of the competition except against PPJ who was able to keep it close.

3rd Place: @GGA N1k0lasss Master of Souls Ermac. He had 5 wins and 2 losses. He lost to PPJ and 16 bit.

4th Place: @GGA pimpimjim Ninjitsu Scorpion, Brood Mother D'vorah, Shaolin Kung...
SoCal's premier NRS tournament continues with the final installment of our ranked battles. We will conclude this event in spectacular fashion with a single elimination bracket for our top 8 point earners to battle it out for the accumulated cash bonus and the prestige of beating some of the best players in the world.

1.1 - May 17th (Season Opener)
1.2 - May 31st
1.3 - June 14th
1.4 - June 28th
1.5 - July 12th (Season Finale)

Registration: At the door. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.
Time: 3:00pm
Location: Oomba Tournament Center
24155 Laguna Hills Mall Laguna Hills, CA 92653
It was an exiting first tournament indeed, where Europe's PS4 players got to showcase some of their talents in this online PS4 tournament. @stosn 's unbeatable Jacqui ended up taking it all, with great space control and Jacquis heavy hitting combos.

1: @stosn (Jacqui - FA)
2: @Albo (Raiden - TG)
3-4: @JTB123 (Scorpion - HF) @RyuKazuya (Johnny Cage - A-List, Kenshi - Ba/Ke)
5-8: @PlayNorbi (Scorpion - In/Erron Black - Outlaw) @Vjeekes (Kung Lao - Te) @Wam-Zlay (Kung Lao - Te) @Smascer (Kung Lao - Tempest)
9-14: @Bombardier777 (Ermac - MoS/Erron Black - Outlaw) @Sublime (D'vorah - BM) @theGabStandard (Mileena - Pi) Nveiniac (Kano - Cy/Liu Kang - DF) @MrTopHat (Jason - Sl)
15-16: Mapusa was disqualified for not showing up, MadPropz could not make it because of ESL.
Yesterday, Ed Boon tweeted out the first official image of Predator in Mortal Kombat X, in a picture of the beast facing Jax in his Carl Weathers skin with the fight taking place...in a jungle of course!! As you see in the picture, the text in the bottom right says July, so just as we thought with the MKX cycle of DLC, Predator is coming in July. (Ed Boon just confirmed Predator comes out in July HERE) When exactly we do not know yet, but good bet is that the 3rd DLC character will be available to Kombat Pack owners in early July along with the "Predator/Prey Skin Pack", which you can check out if you haven't see it yet by clicking HERE. I also added a screenshot of Predator at the select screen, and a little video of him walking up. But stay tuned for more info as it comes!!
Sonic Fox is back with a vengeance! He takes the semi final of ESL with his Tanya by going over Big D aka Bread. Bread tried his luck with his trusty Ermac, then went to the spoiled Princess and tried to use her new buffs to his advantage, but to no avail. Sonic Fox took Grand Finals 3-0! The bracket, stream archive, and detailed breakdown by @huh can be found below. Once VOD's are available, we'll make sure we update this with them!!

Top 4:
1. Sonic Fox (Tanya-Dragon Naginata, Pyromancer)
2. Big D (Ermac-Master of Souls, Kitana-Assassin)
3. Kitana Prime (Kitana-Royal Storm)
4. CrazySteady (Sonya-Demolition, Tanya-Dragon Naginata, Mileena-Ethereal)
This week the break had very few entrants. There was a storm in Jersey so it limited the people who normally traveled. With 11 entrants, it was a small gathering but the hunger and the salt was still strong.

First Place: EMP|RM|KDZ
Second Place: RM|Cloud
Third Place: EMP|Riyo

Challonge Brackets:
Already into the end of Week #7, ESL MKX Pro League's Top 16 will be airing today at the usual spot, http://www.twitch.tv/netherrealm The European Top 16 kicks off at 2pm EST/11am PST & the North American side begins at 8pm EST/5pm PST. You can check the brackets for each out below:
We saw it coming, but yes, the only DLC characters allowed at EVO will be Jason Voorhees and Tanya. This is coming directly from @Mr Wizard via twitter as of last night. Considering EVO is less than three weeks away, these decisions have to be made to prevent disruptions at these events in the event there is a broken aspect of a new DLC character i.e. infinite combo, broken meter system (Mystic Ermac), etc.

The Evolution World Finals will take place July 17-19 in Las Vegas
Simply put, earlier today IGN posted a link in which you can submit your information to enter for a chance to win a trip to the biggest fighting game tournament in the world. The Evolution Championship Series is upon us - right around the corner to be exact. What better way to spend part of July, than in Vegas?

"What do I do to sign up?" Go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/ign/app_610069072386975
The 6/23 Patch brought many gameplay fixes as well as a free UMK3 Scorpion skin, but it's also making way for the 3rd DLC character, Predator and the Skin Pack that comes with called "The Predator/Prey Pack". With it, a Carl Weathers skin from the Predator movie for Jax, a commando skins for Johnny Cage along with what might be the craziest skin in the whole game, a Infrared skin for Scorpion. Also, what appears to be 3rd Fatalities for several characters are included in the character finishers tho there is no image to be seen yet of these fatalities, though we can be pretty sure it's a Spine Rip for Sub, Toasty for Scorpion, Kiss of Death for Sonya & Head Decap Uppercut for Cage (or something close like his MK9 fatality). Check out the images below if you haven't seen them yet:
We now have a place on TestYourMight exclusive for submitting Guides: http://testyourmight.com/resources/

We literally got this installed tonight and I ran through it and added "Mortal Kombat X" and all current, available characters for it. This will work with the forums in the sense that if you submit a "Resource" for Scorpion, for example, it will also create a thread in the respective MKX Scorpion forum. The content of the resource will not be within the forum, rather the tab. However, you are also able to rate each guide/resource.

Being able to "Rate" guides is crucial for getting the best information the most attention, so we only ask that you're honest in rating a resource. There are also several tabs including "Top Resources"
Netherrealm has bestowed upon us a megapatch for both the PS4 and Xbox One! All details can be found here: http://community.wbgames.com/t5/Latest-Updates/Patch-notes-XboxOne-and-PS4-6-23-15/ba-p/572379 (The Xbox One patch is supposedly coming in the next couple of hours! Stay tuned to TYM!!)
Major thanks to Tous Les Jours for supplying the $150 pot bonus to MKX and supplying all the delicious baked goods! =) Always fun to hang out and see everyone, hope to see some of you make it out to Top of the Food Chani XIII down in SoVA August 1st!
We had our monthly MKX tournament at Game Galaxy Arcade in Nashville, TN. Great time by all but in the end, Lil Majin eeks it out over his training partner ShinBlade

1 KIT Lil Majin (Thunder God Raiden)
2 KIT|ROR Shinblade (Tempest Kung Lao)
3 ROR poshib (Summoner/Warlock Quan Chi)
4 savnexit (Thunder God Raiden)
5 Flymike (Imposter Shinnok)
5 Arson (Bojutsu Kung Jin)
7 day1combos (Cybernetic Kano)
7 La Gorilla Loca (Master of Souls Ermac)
GGA Dizzy won our final week of Season 1 GBS for MKX. Here was our top 8.

1st @GGA Dizzy - Thunder God Raiden
2nd @GGA N1k0lasss - Master of Souls Ermac
3rd @GGA Fill Pops - War God Kotal Kahn
4th RM Devil - Master of Souls Ermac
5th @GGA Max - Imposter Shinnok
5th GGA soonk - Outlaw Erron Black
7th @D-Que Beats - Military Stance Sonya
7th @Vagrant - Hellfire Scorpion.
The Virginia scene has been heating up since pre and post TCW action, seeing new winners, huge upsets, and a changing of the guard if you will. This week we saw a first time winner, YAMS, infamous for his mirrors with Michaelangelo at TCW. In a great showing against TCW Top 8 placer Gimpy, YAMS really has cemented his place amongst the elite of the area.

Results - (Top 8)
1. TGS YAMS (Quan-Summoner)
2. TGS Gimpy (Cassie-Spec Ops/Hollywood)
3. NSG Zappa (Reptile/Shinnok)
4. Awkward Sloth (Tanya-Pyromancer)
5. TGS Mr Aquaman (Kotal-War God)
5. Quiet Storm (Mileena-Piercing)
7.Dark Steel (Dvorah-Venomous)
7.Virtiqal (Takeda-Shirai Ryu)